Spirituality & Service

We inspire our students to grow up with an open heart full of life, love, joy and compassion. We believe that spirituality is an essential part of the human experience and that this dimension must be explored for a person to develop fully. Spirituality themes explored throughout the year include interdependence, abundance & gratitude, awe & wonder, and stewardship, to name a few.

Our Philosophy

At All Saints we believe that school should provide a place where children can experience a sense of belonging and purpose and that all members of the school community play an important role in the development of its children. Children need to know that their lives are important and that they can have a positive impact on the world around them.

At All Saints we strive to engage students in the “spiritual conversation” that affects all aspects of our lives – intellectual, physical, emotional, moral, artistic and social. This conversation is inspired by our innovative philosophy, curriculum and educational programs.

“Students who feel deeply connected don’t need danger to feel fully alive. They don’t need guns to feel powerful. They don’t want to hurt others or themselves. Out of connection grows compassion and passion – passion for people, for students’ goals and dreams, for life itself.”

Rachael Kessler, The Soul of Education

At All Saints Episcopal day school, we believe:

  • Children are spiritual beings who naturally question their own existence, the creation of the Earth, and their place within the larger human family.
  • Children benefit from opportunities to embrace the diversity of religious faiths and traditions present in our pluralistic school and world.
  • The school community is enriched when students share their developing beliefs and family traditions.
  • Children are genuinely compassionate beings who need little prompting to respond to the innocent suffering of others through social action and service.
  • One’s religious foundation is the decision and responsibility of the family.
  • The questions – and the opportunity to ask them – are ultimately more important than the answers.

At All Saints we strive to support the healthy development of the following:

  • an appreciation for all faith traditions;
  • the support of good moral and ethical decision making;
  • a connection to our larger human family and the Earth;
  • an actualization of individual spirituality through active service to others in the world;
  • an ability to think about and discuss spiritual ideas and experiences in a critical, rational and reflective way;
  • an open mind and a generous heart towards human differences;
  • a personal connection to something larger than oneself.

Community Service

Community Service is an integral part of the curriculum at All Saints. Students engage in ongoing opportunities to demonstrate their commitment to community through social action and service. Service projects include food and toy drives, emergency relief efforts, and the coordination of a community Empty Bowls Cereal Cafe, in which students raise funds for local organizations working toward hunger relief. All Saints believes that even very young children benefit from the experience of making a difference in someone’s life.

“The spirituality component really helps me focus on life. It relaxes me.”

Fifth Grade Student

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